Christmas tradition



1. It's the tradition to hang out the lights,

Decorate trees and sing carols at night;

Make lists of presents and see Santa Claus,

Hear the bells ringing, there’s no time to pause….     


But shhh, shhh, there's a baby asleep;     

It's the tradition to just take a peep.     

Why not stay just a little while more?  (Shhh!)         

Gaze at the baby the season is for. 

Gaze at the baby the season is for.  



2. It's the tradition to stir up the pud,

Pull noisy crackers and try to be good;

See all the family and party with friends,

Dance to the music, the fun never ends….    


But shhh, shhhh .....



3. It's the tradition to leave it behind,

Tidied away out of sight, out of mind.

But love won’t leave us, the baby will grow

(And) teach us the truth if we're willing to know.      


So shhh, shhh ...

© Linda Currin 2010


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