Jesus our Teacher

Song for Education Sunday

 Tune: Slane (Lord of all hopefulness)


1. Jesus our Teacher, the sower of seed,

You taught by example, by story and deed.

Your lesson - a kingdom of people made new,

More wholly themselves and more truly like you.


2. Jesus our Master, we walk in your path,

We watch as apprentices learning your craft.

Our goal to become all that’s gracious and true,

More wholly ourselves and more fully like you.


3. Jesus our Healer, the sheltering wing,

You cherish and challenge, you bless what we bring.

You draw us to move from the known to the new,

Transforming our minds as we grow more like you.


4.  Jesus, when vision can scarcely prevail,

In tiredness or tension or fear that we fail,

Still teach, heal and lead us, our spirit renew

Until we’re made whole in the fullness of you.



© Linda Currin 2011




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